Phil Was a Shill for Pills WIth No Thrill


Dr. Phil McGraw , the talk-show guy, endorsed some bogus weight-loss pills, shakes and assorted crap sold under the Shape-Up label. The stuff didn’t work (gee, why not?), the manufacturer closed up shop and unhappy fatties brought a class-act suit. So, now they can get:

Under terms of the settlement announced Monday, class members can receive a cash refund of $12.50 for every box of Shape Up they bought, up to four boxes, plaintiffs’ lawyer Henry Rossbacher of Los Angeles said. Or they can elect to receive two bottles of Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin/Multimineral supplements for each box of Shape Up, up to eight bottles.

Shape-up’s system required a dieter to consume 22 pills daily. McGraw got a TV special and a book out of the deal, as well as the chance to be self-righteous and bossy. As if he doesn’t get enough chances.

McGraw won’t have to shell out any of his own moolah to settle the $10.5 million lawsuit. His emails were entered into court records, and show him to be pretty testy about the promo copy, but doubtful about the efficacy of the pills. His proceeds were to have gone to a charity. His own, the Dr.Phil Foundation, fights childhood obesity–he’s the chairman and his wife is a director. Could there be a connection?

So, while McGraw gets off relatively undamaged by the judgement, FBLA invites everyone else to drive by the Paramount lot and tell Phil to shape up!