PhatPad for iPad: Handwriting Recognition, Drawing Cleaner, Note Taker

PhatWare may not be a familiar name to iPad users. But, it will probably ring a bell to people who used Windows Mobile based phones in the past. They specialized in note taking apps featuring handwriting recognition for that platform and have brought this technology to the iPad with their new $4.99 app.

PhatPad for iPad

In the first screenshot, you can see that PhatPad can deal with my relatively awful inked printing. The handwriting to text conversion is seen right above the ink. Pressing the return key places the converted text into a text box in the main page area. You are not forced to perform this conversion, however. Ink text can be left in its graphical format by default.

PhatPad provides several ways to share its notes pages including printing, email (PDF or native file format), WiFi sync, or using DropBox’s service.

You might note in PhatPad’s Options window screenshot that there is an option to use a keyboard to edit text if scribbling with your fingertip is not working out.

One of PhatPad’s more interesting feature is its ability to smooth out and “pretty-fy” simple drawn geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and rectangles. It also provides a simple gesture to generate a straight line arrow pointer. It does not, however, substitute for a flowcharting app by linking these drawn objects together.

I’ve been using Adobe’s excellent and free Adobe Ideas as a mobile iPad whiteboard app. But, I may try to use PhatPad in this capacity for a while to see if it might better serve this purpose.

Disclosure: PhatWare provided an evaluation copy of PhatPad use for this review.