Pharrell Launches Social Media Platform for Artists

Pharrell, the singer and drummer of hip-hop group N.E.R.D., is launching a new social media project called “i am Other”, which, judging by the introduction video, is a social network dedicated by being different.  The network seems to be aimed at attracting a whole group of indie-styled people of various backgrounds to be different and stick it to the mainstream.  It seems like it will be focused on giving a younger generation of really different people an opportunity to rise and show off their talent.

Specifically, the network will be about independent content from artists who believe themselves to be different.  i am Other will not just be on the web, but promoting its stuff on TV and film as well.  In the interview with Qream (see it at the end of this post), he discusses how important it is to give people a chance to express themselves and be heard, and this network is aimed at promoting that goal.

The goal is to work with marketers to provide content around products and services to ensure that users aren’t just being presented with simple ads or banners.  This could manifest itself as having independent artists do sponsored videos or make interesting videos about a certain product.

Check out the introductory video below which gives a teaser about the style of the network.

Also, check out an interview by Qream where they talk about the relaunch of i am OTHER and what he’s trying to do with it.  He is surprised by these varied, ambitious performers and wants to give them a place to show that off.