P&G Targets the ‘Family Man’

P&G’s site ManoftheHouse.com targets men. More specifically, Jeannie Tharrington, a spokeswoman for P&G productions tells the Times, “What we are trying to do is speak to the whole man. Certainly, relationships and sex are part of an adult man’s life.”

Rather than focusing solely on sex and sports and other typically male topics, the site speaks to “the family man.” P&G research found that men are going to women’s sites to get info like recipes and cleaning, the story reads. Several writers for the site are known for daddy blogs.

Stories on the site homepage this afternoon include “4 Reasons not to Tuck in Your Shirt,” another about men’s eyeglasses, tips about what a wife wants, and an Android vs. iPhone comparison.

The site has actually been around for a few months. It has gotten more than 500,000 unique monthly visitors, compared to AskMen.com, which has a little more va va voom and got 5.5 million visitors in December, the Times reports.

Like Thrillist’s Ben Lerer said in our Media Beat video: Guys like “all the things you assume… but hope they won’t.”