P&G Designer Buried in the Pringles Can He Created


Here’s a little thing to spend the rest of your day thinking on. If you were to pass away today, would you want yourself buried in any of the products you designed? We suppose that has a lot of various deciding factors embedded therein, with things like “I’m not sure my religion would like that” or “I design websites, so how would that work?” or “What in the hell is wrong with you, UnBeige?” Well, before we start answering anything, we turn to the very odd, yet somehow also very heartwarming story of Dr. Fredric J. Baur, the Proctor & Gamble designer who passed away earlier this month. When it came time to bury him, he’d expressed wishes to be cremated and put into his favorite piece he’d designed: the Pringles can. So while it’s sad to hear about his passing, you also have to just love the guy for having a sense of humor and having such pride in, as we see it, one of the highlights in packaging and product design (can any other chip really compete, design-wise?):

Dr. Fredric J. Baur was so proud of having designed the container for Pringles potato crisps that he asked his family to bury him in one.

His children honored his request. Part of his remains was buried in a Pringles can – along with a regular urn containing the rest – in his grave at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Springfield Township.