PFTA Creator’s Wife Just Waltzes Into WGBH And Gets A Job

flickr: DSmous

This is an incredible job-searching success story that we just had to share: Please Feed The Animals is a blog for unemployed Mad men (and women) by copywriter Erik Proulx. His wife Kathryn wrote about how she got the job she wanted after bouncing from job to job after college.

I talked to Erik about it and he asked,”Well, what do you like?” I answered, “I love documentaries and public television.” He responded, “So, go work for WGBH.” I was like…..”Oh sure, just march in with no TV experience, no education in film making, and say, hi I want a job.” Erik said. “Yep.”

And, as I kept shooting down all of his reasons to do it, he kept shooting down all of my reasons not to do it. What the hell was Erik thinking? People just don’t do that. I don’t do that. I had been programmed to avoid risk. And, in an act of “I told you so,” I sent my resume to WGBH.

My cover letter basically said that I was looking for a career change, had no television experience, but strongly believed in public television programming. I got a call two days later. After three interviews, I was hired.

Wow, really?

Love it. “What’s the worst that can happen?” is a great attitude for any jobseeker.

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