Boston University Student Blogged About Peyton Manning-Jamie Naughright in 2014

Before Shaun King, there was Mike Shea.

Long before today’s explosive revisit by Shaun King in the New York Daily News of events at the University of Tennessee involving Peyton Manning and Dr. Jamie Naughright, Boston University student Mike Shea wrote about the same  topic on his New England Patriots blog The Jan. 17, 2014 item was headlined “PEYTON MANNING: Here He Is America… The Guy You Sided With Over Tom Brady.”

Shea did not have access to the May 2001 Florida court document detailed by King, only some subsequent USA Today coverage, which King also mentions. An update now crowns the top of the PatsKrieg post:

Update 2/13/16: Congrats to P.M. on his 2nd Super Bowl victory, and officially becoming half as good as Tom Brady. And what did he do as soon as he won? He broke stride from running onto the field with this teammates to kiss (…KISS) the Papa John’s guy, while the same announcers who refused to mention his HGH scandal pretended they didn’t see that either. Thank you everyone for vindicating all the things I mention here, and that the New York Daily News is now running with. It’s been a hell of a ride.

Sports Illustrated appears to be the first major outlet to have picked up today on King’s Daily News piece. In the comments, one reader suggests that King should have gone deeper and included another lawsuit involving Naughright and designer Donna Karan.

Certainly, like the recent Al Jazeera America documentary report about HGH deliveries to Ashley Manning, which Manning has repeatedly denied, anyone covering this latest story involving Peyton Manning, Archie Manning and many others needs to exercise thorough due diligence. But when King writes at one point, ‘Maybe a good hundred times [while reading court documents], I wondered to myself, Why — and how — had all of this been kept secret for so long?,’ he was repeating essentially what Shea pondered earlier. Good work by both.

It’s not just Manning who is going to have to answer to this trail. Per King, after Naughright agreed to a settlement agreement at the university, the following allegedly occurred:

Before she left, though, two staff members of the school, according to the documents, asked Naughright if she would consider blaming the entire incident not on Manning, but on another athlete — a black one. According to Naughright, the staff members (named as Mr. Wyant and Mr. Rollo), went so far as to actually name a specific black athlete she could blame it on. Of course, she refused (see court document pages 18-19).

Update (Feb. 15):
Appearing today on The Dan Patrick Show, Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock questioned the credibility of King and the overall timing of the story:

“I’ve never been a Peyton Manning fan… but I think re-airing this story and the salacious, one-sided way that it’s being re-aired… is completely unfair to Manning.”

Update (Feb. 16):
King has posted a follow-up, itemizing once more the key pieces of evidence and taking issue with those, like Whitlock above, Mike Florio and others, who are suggesting that the cited legal document is one-sided:

Countless pundits and platforms have repeatedly made one key error – they have erroneously reported that the document we released was “one-sided” or was just “one woman’s thoughts” on the case. This is not only an egregious misrepresentation of what we released, it causes me to sincerely question the motives of anyone who says such a thing.