PEW STUDY: Local News Still Rules Consumption

It's (not so) hard out there for a reporter after all!

local newsGood news for reporters in local DMAs across this great land of ours: we still love you, apparently — so, chin up, hunker down, and keep doing your reporting thing. You don’t need to join “the dark side” just yet.

Pew Research Center just compiled the results from a selective study  on local news. The analysis wunderkinds at Pew surveyed three varied media markets for this information — Denver; Macon, Georgia; and Sioux City, Iowa. 

All three cities provided the same information.

For its research, the Center performed “a landscape audit cataloging the full range of news providers operating in the area; a content analysis of the actual news output produced over a week’s time; a public opinion survey of residents focusing on their local news habits and civic engagement; and an experimental examination of Facebook and Twitter posts in each area.”

Here are the headlines, if you will:

  • TV is still the primary source of local news
  • News consumption habits didn’t differ across geography
  • Newspapers generally provide better coverage of local stories
  • This Internet thingy actually helps local coverage and information
  • “Men or women on the street” are the most commonly cited sources

While national news is going the way of “news,” local journalism appears to be still alive and well.

To our reporter friends, go out and conquer LinkedIn another day.

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