Pew Study: Little Overlap in Liberals and Conservatives News Sources

This might surprise you, but we feel like you should know: Liberals and conservatives do not go to the same sources for their news. That’s the main takeaway from a new Pew Research report, that found one big reason lefties and righties don’t see news same way is because they’re just not interested in straying from the sources they like.

As for which media companies voters enjoy the most, the results are spread out a bit for liberals, but concentrated for conservatives.

People who reported as “consistently liberal” cited CNN (15 percent), NPR (13 percent), MSNBC (12 percent) and The New York Times (10 percent) as their favorite outlets. Meanwhile, 47 percent of “consistent conservatives” cited Highlights as their main source of news. Kidding! They cited Fox News, of course.

Despite the vast differences, liberals and conservatives inevitable end up hearing the other side’s story. “The study also suggests that in America today, it is virtually impossible to live in an ideological bubble,” reports Pew. “Most Americans rely on an array of outlets – with varying audience profiles – for political news. And many consistent conservatives and liberals hear dissenting political views in their everyday lives.”

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