Twitter vs Facebook: Which Social Network Users Are The Most Active? [STUDY]

Earlier today we reported on findings from the latest research from Pew Internet, which proposed that on average Twitter users were more highly educated than those on Facebook, but both fell short of the degree-waving members of business social network LinkedIn.

Pew’s analysis is packed full of findings, but there’s another tidbit that quickly caught my eye: how frequently people use the different social networks.

You’d think that fast-paced, real-time Twitter would rule this particular roost, as it’s oh-so-easy to dip in and out of the platform multiple times per day. But according to Pew, while Twitter is streets ahead of LinkedIn and MySpace, it’s Facebook users who are the most frequent users of their platform.

Pew sampled 2,255 American adults on their use of social networking services between October 20 and November 28, 2010. There were 975 total users of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.

As you can see, some 31% – or about 232 million – Facebook users check that network several times a day. This compares with 20% for Twitter, and just 3% for LinkedIn and MySpace.

21% of Facebook users check out what’s going on once each day, against 13% for Twitter.

MySpace does own the crown in one category: 29% of MySpace users don’t check the network at all. Ever. This contrasts with just 1% on Facebook, but a shocking 18% on Twitter.

Indeed, 53% of Twitter profiles use the network somewhere between every four weeks and never. Which however you want to justify it, has got to be a disturbing statistic for a platform that lives and dies by ‘what’s happening?’.

(Source: Pew Internet.)