A New Picture of Peter the Hermit

For the past few years, documentary filmmaker Hope Anderson (Under the Hollywood Sign) has been doing her part to revive the memory of Peter the Hermit, patron saint of those costumed superhero impersonators in front of Grauman’s Chinese.

Born in 1878 and departed in 1969, Chicago native Peter Howard was an extra in many silent and talking picture epics. He lived at various points in the wilderness of Laurel and Beachwood Canyons with greyhound dogs and goats, and from the 1920’s on, would ply himself as a Moses-like photo opp on Hollywood Boulevard.

Anderson blogged her first picture of Peter the Hermit in the spring of 2009, and this past weekend shyared yet another related vintage snap (pictured) of one of Hollywood’s original characters.

The filmmaker’s ongoing interest in Howard helped spark the ultimate remembrance last month from great nephew Peter Green. During the 1963 visit described by Green, his great uncle claimed to have been at one point a spiritual advisor to the likes of Joan Crawford and Lana Turner.