Peter Shire’s House Is More Than a Place To Put His Butt


We have been loving on the LA Times design stories lately, although it may just be that due to a sweet website design we can actually read them now without our pupils melting all over the keyboard. David Keeps takes us inside the Los Angeles, all-the-colors-of-the-rainbow home of Peter Shire, who we love for eternity because of this quote: “A chair, Peter Shire says, is ‘more than just where we put our butts.'”

Living close to his gigantor studio (we went there once, and it just kept going and going and going…) Shire and his wife Donna surround themselves with a mish mosh of his handmade furniture and ceramics. His younger bro is Billy Shire, he of one eponymous gallery and another not-so-eponymous one, calls it a “design laboratory.”

Although his wife Donna laments that the catastrophic style isn’t quite conducive to entertaining: “The house is overrun with art,” she says with an indulgent smile. “There are even sketchbooks in the bathroom.”

So that’s where he gets all that work done.