Stanford Journalism Student Doubles as Peter King’s Chauffeur

Some solid work by Shane Newell.

The first unusual element of graduate journalism student Shane Newell’s piece sits right at the top, in the form of this Editor’s Note:

Then come the fun paragraph sub-headlines, done in mileage form: Mile 1, Mile 110… and so on. Here’s just a taste of Newell’s article, which we highly recommend:

King’s career is one of transformation and reinvention. Born to a homemaker and iron worker in Springfield, Mass., King became a print journalist. Then he adapted to writing for the Internet and began appearing regularly on TV, he says, with virtually no training for the visual medium.

If he does remain with MMQB, King wants to see more videos and podcasts being produced on the site. Don Banks, a Sports Illustrated colleague and long-time friend who spent King’s 50th birthday with him at a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, says, “He’s fearless about facing the new and figuring it out.”

At one point, King tells me, “I am not a great writer, not even close.” Then he emphasizes, “I’m not Rick Reilly or Tom Verducci or Gary Smith… I’m in Double-A, they’re in the major leagues.” There is seemingly a whole industry of sports journalists covering the NFL, dispensing information about the league. With his Sports Illustrated platform, and brand of inside reporting, King leapfrogged that crowd long ago.

King’s contract with is up next month. The Peninsula Press meanwhile is described as a “news innovation sandbox” where Stanford’s graduate journalism students get to play. Cool stuff.