Peter Kafka of AllThingsD on the Menu: Managing the “Big Bang” of Media Coverage Versus “Steady Flow”


PRNewser joined GalleyCat editor Jason Boog on the Morning Media Menu this morning with guest Peter Kafka of Dow Jones’ AllThingsD.

Kafka has reported on media and technology since 1997, and shared insights into the week’s biggest tech headlines–stories that will shape media news for the next few years. He discussed a new strategy for music videos on the web and the hypothetical Hulu for magazines being developed by the world’s most powerful publishers.

The latter story, which was formally announced yesterday, is being pitched by agency CooperKatz. Kafka called the press release “information free” but then said, “I was cruising the web this morning and plenty of folks were writing about the press release. All the papers of record have covered it, etc., so I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing.”

In terms of media relations strategy around launches, Kafka said, “They [PR] want a big bang when they launch, I guess that must be protocol, but I’m a little confused by it. I would think you would want a steady flow of coverage throughout the life-cycle of the product you’re launching. That all the conversation happens the first day it doesn’t really help you.” That’s the thing, PR wants a big bang around the launch and a steady flow. However, only some Jedi masters can manage to pull off both.

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