Peter Hamby’s Twitter Feed Showcases Pundit Predictions Proved Wrong

"Three man race"

Retweeting without comment during the New Hampshire primary, Peter Hamby, Snapchat’s head of news, unearthed a set of tweets from the very recent past.

What Hamby was retweeting was the sagacity of the pundits following the Iowa caucuses. And by sagacity, we mean, don’t you hate when people describe with absolute confidence the shape of a future event based on imperfect information? But then, don’t you love when someone calls those pundits out merely by resurrecting their now incorrect forecasts?

“Three man race,” is the phrase Hamby retweeted from sources that included Politico, CBS News and The Weekly Standard. The three man race was one predicted between Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, who finished in the top three in Iowa.

Now that we know what became of that three-man race, we’ve decided, for fun, to see what some of those same sources are predicting now:

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