Fashion Editor Showcases the Naked Subway Look

Although Instagram quickly took down a photo posted by Peter Davis, group executive editor of The Daily Front Row, the New York tabloids today are all over it. The picture of a naked, drunk man riding the subway wearing only shoes and socks is on the front of the Post and inside the Daily News.



Davis told NYDN contributor Marc Weinreich that he saw the man while on his way to a party Thursday night and snapped the photo on the E train somewhere between 42nd and 34th Street:

“We made eye contact when I took the photo,” Davis said. “I didn’t think he was homeless because he didn’t smell and he had a mohawk haircut that he looked like he had just gotten.”

All that’s left now, of course, is for someone to post an interview with the man in question. With that someone starting by asking, if memory serves, when and exactly how during this subterranean bender the rider got fully naked. Stay tuned.

P.S. As the box write-up on the Post front page and several Daily News commenters remind, this is ultimately a case of life imitating Seinfeld art.