Peter Bergen to Write Book on the Hunt for Osama bin Laden

Peter Bergen was a producer for CNN in 1997 when he produced Osama bin Laden’s first television interview, which has been widely replayed ever since.

As part of the scramble to cover Bin Laden’s death, the New York Times reports that, a mere 48 hours after the death was reported, it’s been announced that Bergen will write possibly the definitive book on the Bin Laden manhunt, tentatively titled… “Manhunt”. No chance that this will be the only book on the subject — prepare yourselves for an onslaught — but it may very well be the first.

Bergen has certainly earned the right; he’s the author of three books on terrorism and is now a national security analyst for CNN.

Crown Publishers, part of Random House, described the forthcoming book as  “an immersive, definitive account of the operation that killed the world’s most wanted man.”