Peter Bart on Agents, Actors and Anxiety


Peter Bart, in his The Backlot column, names names. Bart actually points out actors who’ve made intelligent career choices and those who haven’t–and is this the fault of the agent? He writes:

Orlando Bloom just opened in an obscure film called Haven. It’s smart for stars to take good parts in small films (think Travolta in Pulp Fiction) but Bloom is not just a late bloomer, he’s a non-bloomer.

He goes on, mentioning Bruce Willis, Warren Beatty, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Two of those four have been smart. Guess who?

Bart closes with this admission:

I’ve never worked as an agent, but I sense I’d be lousy at it. I’d tell my clients to chase the best movies, whatever the deal. Of course I’d get the ax pretty fast.

FBLA thinks it would be fun while it lasted.