PETCO, More than 700 Others Adopt Merchant Store

PETCOFacebookStore.jpgHave you ever wondered how Facebook stores, like the one used by PETCO, are created? introduced its Merchant Store application, which powers the pet-supply retailer’s presence on the social-networking site, nearly one year ago.

The company says more than 700 merchants are currently using Merchant Store, which allows them to add select products or their entire catalogs to their Facebook pages, as well as photos and direct links to their own Websites. Users can comment on the wish lists of other users and invite friends and family to visit their own lists. co-founder and chief technology officer Asaf Klibansky said:

In less than a year, we’ve seen this application not only grow in popularity, but transform the way in which merchants do business online. Retailers of every size and background are able to quickly and easily connect with new customers and build an audience for their products unlike ever before.

And PETCO director of e-commerce Natalie Malaszenko added:

It’s a great way to learn what our fans think about our products by seeing what they’re adding to their wish lists, sharing with their friends and what products they’re giving us a virtual “thumbs up” on. We’ve seen a positive response so far, and we’re looking forward to watching it grow. It’s more than just a new sales tool: It’s also an opportunity for us to listen to and learn from our customers and a nice reminder of the value we provide by helping them be great pet parents.