PETA Takes Advantage Of Milk-Mad PR CEO’s Outburst For Some Cheap PR

Someone at PETA is probably in for a promotion because they replaced the milk at Keith Zakheim’s PR shop.

A little background: Last week, Keith Zakheim, who’s the CEO of Beckerman PR in New Jersey, sent an email to his staffers saying that if they used all the milk in the fridge without replacing it, they’d be canned. “Im not joking. You will be fired for not replacing the milk, and have fun explaining that one to your next employer. This is not a empty threat so PLEASE don’t test me,” he wrote.

A lot of people mocked Zakheim, and some supported him (“If you are running a company and expect your employees to display certain characteristics, why wouldn’t you fire them if they can’t even managed the smallest displays of those characteristics?” wrote one commenter on Gawker). But only PETA thought to replace the milk. According to Mogulite, the animal welfare group sent him a couple cartons of soy milk.

“To help alleviate your office’s milk shortage, assist in your company’s stated goal of promoting employee responsibility while decreasing selfishness, and reduce animal suffering, PETA is sending the Beckerman Public Relations headquarters several cartons of delicious soy milk,” the org wrote. “What better way to encourage an office culture of conscientiousness than to drink your coffee with a cruelty-free beverage?”

This is a pretty smart move on PETA’s part. Total cost for this campaign: probably about $25 for milk and shipping charges. The press? Priceless.

Unfortunately, soy milk in coffee is kind of nasty….so says this blogger, anyway. Maybe they’ll send some rice milk next.