PETA Goes For Less Blood, More Learning

PETA, known for paint throwing and graphic videos of animal cruelty, threw a party. And it sounds like it was a fun one.

Fur is in at the moment. So, according to the Wall Street Journal, PETA has shifted its game plan to focus on educating the fashion industry rather than shocking and scaring them. The transition also comes at a time when PETA is facing a competing message from a European organization, Saga Furs, that’s doling out incentives for designers to use fur.

“When we’re trying to appeal to the style-obsessed, we realized that they’re going to respond better to a stylish image or something that seems like it’s part of the in-crowd than they will from an angry protester,” Dan Mathews, PETA’s SVP of campaigns tells the paper.

Even if the fashion world is seeing less of PETA’s antics, as one designer in the story says, it’s still attracting some notable names in support of its cause. Tim Gunn (and his voice) were at the party the WSJ reported on, which took place at Stella McCartney’s NYC boutique. McCartney is known for avoiding animal products in her designs. PR’s own Kelly Cutrone helped with the event for free.

But PETA isn’t moving away from its media-attention-grabbing stunts and naked-celebrity advertising. And showing that it’s not just the ladies that would “rather go naked than wear fur,” here’s the latest from Waka Flocka Flame, burning it up. Video below. [via PETA and Gawker]