Pet Society Expands to with Facebook Connect

Pet Society, the addictive virtual world of fluffy animal, is one that Playfish has always kept in motion. The denizens of the game experience everything from the daily running of track races to the trading and gifting of furniture and clothing.

While Playfish has added new shops, rewards, and rooms for Pet Society users, its latest addition doesn’t actually appear inside Facebook – it’s on the “public” web. Now that the Facebook version of the game has grown to nearly 11 million monthly users, Pet Society has expanded its reach beyond the Facebook platform with its new website,

Using Facebook Connect, visitors can play directly from the site. It’s one of the smoothest implementations of Facebook Connect we’ve seen, allowing users to play the same version of the game in a simple popup. The site also has links to Playfish forums, downloads, links and videos submitted by fans. While the videos might seem strange, it shows us what is beyond those fuzzy, cartoon critters in hats. also shows visitors everything they would want to know about the game, such as an informational web version of the virtual world’s town. The site updates users on the latest gifts or weekly drawings. It also provides free newsletters and Pet Society merchandise. If you are a frequent player of Pet Society, this site is worth a bookmark.