Pet Check Technology Lets Dog Walkers Ease Pet Owners’ Minds with GPS Tracking

Sure, you’re a busy person. But, you are also a dog owner. So, you have, as a good friend of mine say, a “first world problem.” How do make sure the dog walker is giving your dog much needed exercise? One solution comes from:

Pet Check Technology

The service uses a mobile app to record start and stop times for each walk. Walks can be tracked in real-time by dog owners using a web interface.

The catch is that you can’t actually buy their product as a pet owner. It is only available to dog-walking businesses. It is somewhat like fleet vehicle tracking. The difference, of course, is that dog walkers are being tracked and the precious “cargo” are the dogs they are supposed to be taking for a walk at appointed times.

The service also includes online billing for the dog walkers to use with their customers. Pet Check Technology takes an undisclosed small percentage from gross sales as payment for their service.

Via New Service Lets You Track Your Dog Walker

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