Personalized, Mobile, and Highly Skippable

Google discusses the future of digital ads

In the future, digital ads will be highly personalized. They'll appear on mobile devices in sophisticated ways. If you want to share an ad with friends, you can, and if you want to skip it, well, go right ahead. That's Google's vision, and the company has been rolling out product after product in recent weeks to make it a reality.

This week, Google launched a new ad format for search which allows users to engage with video without leaving the search result page. It's especially appealing for media such as movie previews, which can play via HTML5 page takeover.

The company also launched Google Circulars, an e-commerce ad unit with highly customized product information. Users can click through on a search for a certain type of camera, for example, and find a customized selection from shopping sites as well as locations of nearby brick-and-mortar stores carrying the item. "It's like walking into a store and having the store dynamically rearrange its items to be customized for what you're looking for," Jerry Dischler, product management director of search ads, said in a demonstration at the IAB Mixx Conference.

The company also emphasized its TrueView video ads, which allow users to skip video pre-roll, with a demonstration which showed that most of IAB's audience was willing to watch an entire ad, even given the option to skip. Consumers watching the entire ad can exceed 50 percent, said Rany Ng, group product manager of Video Ads for Google. "The format has interesting ramifications for (ad) creative," said Dennis Woodside, president of Google, Americas. "Advertisers need to be telling the right stories and telling them with relevance and passion."

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