Personal cloud app Younity preps for iTunes streaming update

Photos by Entangled Media

Personal cloud app Younity is preparing for a large update, which will allow users to stream their premium iTunes content to their devices without syncing or downloading the content ahead of time. In this fast-paced, always-five-minutes-behind world, it’s hard to remember to stock your iPhone or iPad with movies before a flight or long trip, or even sync your library between devices.

Now, Younity users will be able to instantly access all of their premium iTunes content, like full-length feature movies, even if they forget and are nowhere near their home PC.

“Our users love the ability to unify and stream media from all their computers, but they’ve been asking us to solve the problem of watching purchased iTunes videos for a while now,” says Erik Caso, Co-Founder and CEO of Younity. “It’s always nice to deliver on a promise that we’ll keep working to unify the huge content libraries we all have in our households.”

In addition to this iTunes update, which will officially hit tomorrow (July 1), Younity already allows users to access all of their media and files on the go, from iTunes playlists to photos, with support for typically “unusable” file formats like WMA or OGG. Users are encouraged to add as many computers, laptops or external hard drives as they’d like to this personal cloud, as users can access and search all files regardless of device.

Younity’s personal cloud solution promises privacy, as files aren’t stored online and no one but the user (or someone the user authorizes) can access them.

This is just the first of many eventual updates for Younity, as the company promises to further address user concerns for “better video discovery, access and sharing” going forward.

Younity is available to download for free on iOS.