Perry Bacon To W. Post


From the release:

    We’re delighted announce that Perry Bacon Jr. of Time Magazine will be joining the political staff.

    Perry is no stranger to the newsroom. In the summer of 2001, while a student at Yale, he was an intern on the District staff and he came back the next summer to work in Maryland. During his two tours he wrote about everything from Georgetown power outages to the efforts of community libraries to attract teenage readers. He then joined Time’s Washington bureau, where he spent time covering the State Department, education and then, in 2004, the presidential campaigns of Howard Dean and John Kerry. Since 2005, his assignment has been Congress, where he’s watched several dozen presidential candidates and profiled Nancy Pelosi, Joe Lieberman and Sam Alioto, among others. He has written longer pieces for the magazine and been a regular contributor to its web site,

    Perry brings an impressive knowledge of politics to the staff, a good eye, and a great sense of how to get at a story. He also has a reputation for getting just about anybody to talk. He will join us in March or whenever Time will let him go.