Perp Uses Cellphone to Bootleg The Simpsons Movie

Putting picture quality issues aside for a moment, someone in Sydney, Australia had the gall to film The Simpsons Movie from his seat in the theater using his cellphone.

Few details are available, other than the fact that he was caught when uploading it to the Internet. “Police raided his house.. because the film was copied and uploaded on the first day it was released, it actually hit the US file-sharing website hours before The Simpsons Movie was shown [in Sydney],” according to MocoNews.

Anyone who has used their cellphone to record video knows that the quality of the result is about the same as tiny Apple Quicktime thumbnails from the early 1990’s. And that’s leaving out the fact that he was filming a movie screen in a dark theater.

Mobile Phone Used To Film The Simpsons Movie [MocoNews]