Perion redesigns the mobile inbox in Molto on Android


Perion has announced a new version of its Molto email app on Android devices, redesigning the inbox specifically for Android phones and tablets. The app displays an email inbox with the look and feel of a social feed, showing a sample of text, as well as thumbnails for images and videos contained within messages. Molto was first released on Android back in October 2013, and has since undergone major bug fixes and improvements leading up to today.

The app supports major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook / Hotmail. By offering a larger sample view of each message than traditional inboxes, users can decide whether they’d like to open an email now or later, or even delete it altogether, without actually opening the email.

Molto personalizes a user’s inbox with Facebook cover photos and profile pictures of contacts, and offers a Quick Reply feature for rapidly replying to emails in what the developer calls a “chat-like experience.”

“The latest app is a step towards making Molto available to all users no matter what device they are using,” said Ron Harari, General Manager of Perion’s Communication Division. “We have been growing increasingly popular with our users, and not only are many recommending the app to friends, but every week the number of messages sent increases by 50%.”

Molto is available on Android, and was previously released on iOS. The iPad version was updated earlier this month with a winter-themed stationary set, while push notifications for new emails have been added to Molto on iPhone. The app is available to download for free on both platforms.

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