Perino Too “Busy” For Kinsolving

From yesterday’s White House Press Briefing:

    PERINO: Go ahead, Les.

    Q Thank you, Dana. Another question. The President has more than once invited up to two dozen talk radio hosts to broadcast from the White House. But now, while three dozen are broadcasting on Capitol Hill for three days on illegal immigration, we have received no such presidential invitation or even word of welcome. And my question, does the President wish we would all go home?

    MS. PERINO: I think you’re talking about apples and oranges, Les.

    Q If the President really feels as you contend he does, when will he visit us on Capitol Hill or invite us to the White House?

    MS. PERINO: I didn’t know there had been an invitation. But we do talk show radio day every once in a while. We’ll keep you in mind for the next one.

    Q There are three dozen up there, and they’d love to have —

    MS. PERINO: Been arranged by —

    Q Could you come?

    MS. PERINO: I think I’m busy. (Laughter.)