Perino: Palin’s Got More Experience Than Obama

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino sat down with Bloomberg TV for its “Night Talk” program with Mike Schneider last night and weighed in on the Gov. Palin nomination.

    I’m excited about the whole candidacy. I’m excited because I think it’s fabulous for women across the country and women around the world to see that there are choices we can make in our lives… She’s got more experience than the Democratic Presidential Candidate.

More highlights from the interview after the jump…

About sparring with the White House Press Corps:

    Any time you are walking to head to the podium and think it’s going to be easy, you should turn around and go back to your desk and gather yourself because it’s never easy.

The press corps’ coverage of the administration:

    I think on a whole, sometimes a lot of the coverage is tough to swallow and we think that we sometimes get a raw deal but that’s why we just try harder.