Performance Advertising’s Future on Social Platforms: Bright, but with Room for Improvement

Performance advertising, and the offer walls that are familiar pitstops for many social game users, have been central to the discussion on monetization of social platforms since last fall. When criticism of low-quality and less-than-transparent offers came to light in that season’s offers controversy, developers, payments providers and observers wondered if the offers concept could regain not only its public image but also its monetization potential under new policy restrictions.

This spring, Inside Network held a sold-out summit on the growth and monetization of apps and games on social platforms. Inside Social Apps 2010 presented speakers representing many of the leading companies in the social gaming industry, including veterans from payments and monetization.

Alex Rampell, CEO and co-founder of TrialPay, shared his thoughts in a panel discussion looking at performance advertising within social apps after the offers controversy and Facebook’s advertising policy changes. Others speakers on this panel included George Garrick (CEO, Offerpal Media), Adam Caplan (VP Virtual Currency, Adknowledge), Lisa Marino (CRO, RockYou), Jim Bobowski, (Director Online Partner Marketing, Netflix), and Jay Weintraub (Founder, LeadsCon)

A clip of the highlights from this presentation:

Alex Rampell also spoke with us in an exclusive interview backstage about where he thinks offers will go next, and how brand advertisers and monetization companies will need to work together to optimize the performance advertising of tomorrow.

Rampell’s full interview covers:

* How online advertisers can profit from social game users’ transactional intent
* What lessons publishers and monetization companies can learn from offline complementary goods and services
* Why he thinks both advertisers and users shouldn’t write off offers yet

The full interview is available through Inside Facebook Gold.