Perfection Is Imperfection Even When It’s Sitting On The Street, Redux

We had to stop out for a quick–and delicate–errand, somewhere in Soho. And because Soho is the (cough) hip epicenter of the, um, downtown scene (the heat must be getting to us) we run into our favoritest editor, Sophie Donelson, who makes CITY [sic] AWESOME [editorial]. So we’re standing there, on Greene Street, when we notice that half of Indonesia’s wood is just kinda sitting there, turned into tables and benches and chairs and all sorts of Designed Stuff. The combination of our keen investigatory sensibilities and Sophie’s asking us what’s going on at Andrianna Shamaris makes us think that there’s a new shipment for the store, which we told you about a couple weeks ago. Andrianna rocked before. She’s rocking now. And with this, she’s probably going to rock again.

If that isn’t original journalism, we just don’t know what is.