Perfect World Announces Dynasty Warriors Mobile for iOS, Android

The game will offer historical combat featuring heroes from China’s Three Kingdoms period.

Perfect World announced Dynasty Warriors Mobile, a head-to-head fighting game set in the popular Koei Tecmo franchise. The game will offer historical combat featuring heroes from China’s Three Kingdoms period, and it will allow players to learn a variety of weapons-based and hand-to-hand fighting moves.

Dynasty Warriors Mobile Screenshot

Dynasty Warriors Mobile will allow players to collect more than 50 heroes, each with different skills and weapons. Users will be able to upgrade these characters using over 100 equipment cards, 300 item cards and 10 mount cards.

The game will reportedly offer a “mobile-optimized fighting system,” with support for light and heavy attacks, defensive parrying and Musou super moves. The game will also feature calvalry fights in original Three Kingdoms battlefields. Finally, the game will include both single-player and multiplayer game modes.

Dynasty Warriors Mobile is in development for iOS and Android devices. Check back soon for more.