Perez Hilton Talks to The Guardian

With Lady Gaga set to kick off the four-part ITV2 series Perez Hilton: Superfan this Wednesday, the Internet’s original celebrity gossiper has been doing some transatlantic PR.

It’s evident from the lede of John Plunkett‘s article in The Guardian that the reporter is catering to a more erudite British audience. FishbowlLA can’t imagine too many American daily newspaper profile pieces that would begin like this:

Perez Hilton makes for an unlikely Saul on the road to Damascus.

Hilton, who started out with a website called (before being sued by the New York Post), has indeed come a long way in terms of his own media myth, happily now calibrated to a less mean-spirited tone and diminished fondness for phallic scrawl. Mr. Lavandeira also insists that a report last year suggesting he was offered $20 million for his online empire is complete hooey.