Perez Hilton Makes It His Own, Even Other People’s Photos


Perez Hilton continues to try to find a basis for his claim of fair use of photographs on his blog. In the NY Times, Virginia Heffernan quotes him:

When I look at a picture, I go through the same process as when I look at a news story. How can I process this image to make this as entertaining as possible to my readers? I’m looking at it, cropping it, resizing it, drawing on it, making it my own.

Right you are if you think so. Heffernan thinks there some mysterious forces at work, causing people to pour over every pixel of celebrity skin in search of omens and augeries.

Perez goes for the naughty bits:

citing the photographs that seem to accidentally reveal the most vulnerable square inches on celebrities’ bodies.

Accidently is the key word here. The stars have been flashing those bits for years and years.

Perez Hilton–Creative Commmons’ New Poster Boy?