Perez Hilton Launches, But Why?

Gossip monger Perez Hilton created a home for his more seedy content,, which seemingly functions as a portal for items about sex tapes, leaked nude and semi-nude photos, and related material.

Mediaite examined the site and pondered the reasons for its being, saying the fare mostly revolves around female celebrities, so is targeting the young, male demographic, which makes up only 37 percent of Perez Hilton readers, according to Quantcast.

As pointed out by Mediate, age certification is required to enter, and Mediaite added:

It’s a world of shock, awe, and embarrassment, but as long as a whiff of self-promotion slips through and, as Lady Gaga may put it, the Fame Monster keeps getting fed, the relationship between Hilton and Hollywood is symbiotic. There’s very little symbiotic about the relationship between the celebrities embarrassed on UnratedPerez, however, and he who profits from it.

Once Hilton crosses the line into legitimately humiliating content, that cheekiness becomes malice, and malice doesn’t sell. Cheekiness sells, but ill will goes nowhere. And just as it goes nowhere with readers, those that protect the names on whose coattails Hilton puts food on the table should raise an eyebrow or two at this new endeavor. That it’s devoid of taste or brain-stimulating content is expected. How exists in its current form — devoid of levity or good humor in any form — is the media mystery to solve.