Perez Hilton Looks to the Future

A solid Complex profile.

ShutterstockPerezHilton2014Perez Hilton on Broadway?

It’s a pipe dream, admittedly. It’s also one of the many fun tidbits to be found in a profile piece of the NYC-relocated media personality by Complex magazine’s pop culture editor Andrew Gruttadaro. Hilton started taking vocal lessons with famed coach Liz Caplan in 2012, when he was briefly involved in the Off-Broadway musical NEWSical the Musical. He continues to work with her today, currently as much as anything as a form of therapy.

Proud new papa Hilton also hints what his ideal next-phase journalism scenario might be:

Hilton now talks about the future of his career in mostly abstract terms, so much so that at times it’s unclear if he has any real goals outside of staying famous. It’s not until a third interview in two weeks that he pulls the curtain back on what he envisions as the pinnacle of Perez Hilton: “My dream scenario would be for a big media corporation to partner with me, buy half of the website, and then help create and launch a TV entity, whether that be an entertainment news show or a talk show.” Five years after appearing on Ellen, it sounds like Perez Hilton has plans to become Ellen.

Hilton also talks about his efforts to make peace with various folks he once snarked up a storm against, a list that has included Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga and Adam Sandler. Read the full piece here.
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