PepsiCo Wants to WIN with Women

PepsiCo's Jamie Stein and E!'s Giuliana Rancic in a WIN video.

PepsiCo’s Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN) will be at SXSW to capture footage and talk about digital trends with female influencers. WIN is also sponsoring the Digitini 2011: Women’s Inspiration Awards at the conference.

“It’s about engaging women, being informative and fun,” said Jamie Stein, director of digital initiatives at PepsiCo, which launched WIN at the Social Media Week conference last month. WIN offers video content (Stein says they’re “open to other formats as well”) on issues of importance to women. According to Stein, female-targeted initiatives have been executed on a brand-level in the past, but now PepsiCo has taken it to the corporate and cross-brand level.

Stein said that women make up to 85 percent of household purchasing decisions and “statistically, we know that women are more active on social networks” than men, making them an important target for the company.

The group is focused on “fostering conversation” with women on issues of importance and “offering this behind-the-scenes look” at different women-centric events. Promotion of the initiative is grassroots at this point Stein said, with the group talking with bloggers and others to grow the site. When asked whether PepsiCo, which has a heavy focus on the Refresh Project, might be stretched thin, Stein answered with an unequivocal no.

“We’re not competing with anything, so we’re not concerned with being stretched thin,” she told us. “PepsiCo is a global company with a broad portfolio of brands, different causes, and different celebrities that we’re involved with.”

Right now WIN is concentrated on the U.S. but will be international. What do you think? The comments are open as as Twitter (@PRNewser).

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