Pepsi Brings Live Concerts To Their Twitter Followers

Pepsi is teaming up with Twitter to bring live concerts from some of today’s hottest artists to its followers, in an effort to knock its rival Coca-cola from the top spot as king of the cola world.

The new promotion will give followers of Pepsi’s Twitter account (@Pepsi) the chance to see live concerts streamed online this summer. Pepsi is also teaming up with Nicki Minaj for a TV commercial.

This Twitter campaign is part of Pepsi’s larger global campaign to battle its arch-rival, Coca-Cola, in the eternal struggle between cola brands. According to Beverage Digest, Pepsi really needs to step up its game to compete: Pepsi is in third place in terms of the top beverage brands, behind both Coke and Diet Coke. And Diet Pepsi ranks way down in seventh place on the list.

The new campaign’s tagline is “Live For Now”, and the company has already skinned their Twitter brand page to reflect the slogan.

Targeting the Twitter generation is a great way to not only hit their demographic, but also get their hashtags, video clips and other multimedia to potentially go viral. If the concerts are a hit with Twitter-ers, there’s no end to the word-of-mouth (or of tweet, rather) marketing this could garner Pepsi – possibly enough to overtake Coke’s dominance in the market.

(Hat tip: The Next Web)