Pepsi Next Videos Get ‘Sexy’ in English and Spanish

Brand continues focus on parodies

Pepsi Next is launching an English-Spanish online video campaign today featuring Univision star William Levy—who is playing six spoofy "bring sexy back" characters that represent a continuation of the brand's focus on parody. Levy will cheesily play an action figure, a rock star, a doctor, a romantic, a Captain Kirk-inspired sci-fi guy and a show-biz wannabe.

The videos are available on YouTube in both languages, while supported by display ads, social media promos and in-store marketing. Copy will push consumers to a "Wheel of Levy" site, where they can play a game by selecting one of the previously mentioned characters. PepsiCo, the Purchase, N.Y.-based beverages and snacks giant, will give away a single two-liter Pepsi Next bottle to 400,000 participants.

The effort, which runs through May 20, harkens back to the brand's Funny or Die videos from this time last year. Though Levy—who has appeared in a Jennifer Lopez music video in addition to Spanish-language soap operas and reality TV—may have worked cheaper than former Saturday Night Live player and The Hangover actor Rob Riggle did for the 2012 production.

Meanwhile, Pepsi Next also ran TV spots last year that were designed to be funny. The mid-calorie beverage is marketed toward drinkers of regular sodas. Perhaps consumers are willing to trade sugar for laughs.

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