Pepco Fail: Blackout at CQ Roll Call & CNN

The lights-out situation at CNN and CQ Roll Call is proof indeed that Pepco is “connected to you through more than just power lines.”    In fact, the useless utility company can now say with confidence that they’re also connected to you through deadlines and communication lines.

According to a memo from a CQ Roll Call staffer,  ironically named Kathy Black, the power is still out at 77K St.  Pepco does not expect a resolution  until 7 pm tonight and the newsgroup’s Blackberry server is down until at least 2 pm today.  Memo below.  But first, may we suggest that Kathy starts signing off her emails a la Ryan Seacrest?  ‘Black, out!’   Ha. I kill me.

“The power is still out at 77K St. This means that everyone should make their best attempts to work remotely – this means working from home or making alternate arrangements to access the internet / VPN.

Currently, Pepco is still evaluating the situation; we anticipate a resolution around 7PM tonight.

Product updates:
Paper products got out. Website updated. HealthBeat should be sent out within the hour. The Editorial and Technology teams are working to send out verticles shortly.

The main number and customer service lines have been forwarded to the Publishing (Lorton office) with the exception of the Capwiz hotline, which is currently not available. The CQ Hotline has been forwarded to Basil’s phone. [IT is working with our phone provider to forward CW]

To work remotely:
To access your email remotely, you can go through VPN (just log into the VPN and then start your email client [like Outlook]). Or you can access via a browser XXX.

The Blackberry server is not yet available – it should be functional by 2PM today.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility! Your managers will be in contact with you with any special instructions to help you do your job.”