PeopleMelt Shows You What’s Going On Nearby – Wherever You Are

Ever travel to a unfamiliar city and wonder what the locals like to do? You can’t really stop someone on the street and interview them about the area – but we have something better than that anyway.

Now, thanks to PeopleMelt, you can see what people are tweeting about nearby and you can find deals in your immediate area – and, oh my goodness, is that guy who just walked by @angryapple on Twitter and was that tweet he just sent talking about you?!

Yeah, it may seem a little creepy at first, but once you shake off the dirty feeling, it’s actually a pretty cool site. “was founded in 2011 when the CEO was traveling for business and unable to find convenient sources of information for his local area.” So he (and a co-founder) created @PeopleMelt to be “a single online destination for discovering and sharing with your local community in real-time.”

Here’s how it works. You enter your location and it uses “a super intuitive map interface” to “find relevant content organised by time and location.”

Here’s how it looks:

And you can interact with the tweets, from replying, retweeting, favoriting and flagging it – to adding a comment in the PeopleMelt platform (once you connect with Facebook). You can also Pin the tweet, share it on Facebook or email it.

And finally – you can also explore pictures and social updates by users anywhere in world by country, city and town.

“The integration of the Twitter integration is part of our ongoing strategy to be the premier online destination for hyperlocal discovery,” said Serguei Rogov, PeopleMelt’s CTO. “Our map interface and functionality makes searching for social interactions, experiences and business-related content extremely intuitive.”

It’s in Beta and isn’t available on mobile yet, but will be in the near future. For now, check out this video to see how it looks in action:

Do you find this creepy or cool – or both?

(Woman using laptop outside image from Shutterstock)