Uses Beauty Giveaways to Collect Consumer Data

Celeb mag partners with Poshly on new web channel

Figuring out what consumers want is a constant struggle for brands, especially when said consumers include the ever-elusive millennial female. Rather than try to guess, is partnering with consumer data company Poshly to launch a new channel that goes straight to the source.

Founded in 2012, Poshly is built on a simple premise: Users enter to win grooming and lifestyle products by answering a mix of beauty-themed and demographic questions, then Poshly anonymizes and packages those responses and sells the data to marketers. To date, Poshly has collected answers to more than 7 million questions from its 300,000-plus members, said CEO and co-founder Doreen Bloch.

The new Poshly Giveaways by People channel on, which marks the first time that Poshly has collaborated with a publisher on a branded site, will even more precisely target the People audience by incorporating questions about the magazine and its content. The products, all chosen by People editors, will also tie into the website’s coverage—for instance, a giveaway for a red carpet-worthy lipstick might be included in an awards season slideshow.

"This hits on a couple of key points for our digital growth strategy over the next year," said Joseph LaFalce, People’s executive director of business development and digital entertainment. "Poshly is a deeply engaging, millennially focused product, and millennial audience development is one of the things that we’re focusing on." Plus, he added, "It helps us to inform our strategy by asking readers what they want to see more of from"