People Who Play Video Games Are People Too, Apparently


We have a very large amount of truck with video games and the people who (at least compulsively) play them. We thought this was pretty straightforward, understandable even. But we might have been too quick to judge. Today’s Gray Lady gets behind the screen and sits in on a video game design class at Parsons the New School for Design.

“So you have these four basic types that occupy the environment: the Achiever, the Explorer, the Socializer and the Killer.”

Nick Fortugno, the 30-year-old teacher, turned away from the whiteboard and faced the 14 undergraduate and master’s-level students in his Thursday seminar. “Killers act like predators, and like any ecosystem, if you increase the number of killers and facilitate them, you decrease the number of achievers and socializers.”

A forestry class on the ecology of the African savannah? No. A psychology course on the ways of the grade-school playground? Closer, but not quite.

Later, the story says it’s entirely likely that this is a completely new cultural paradigm and it’ll be like going to film school was when our friends tried to do it and their parents were like why would you do that???

Unsold. But not uninterested.