People Who Follow Brands Are More Likely to Buy Their Stuff

Recent studies shows that people who become fans (Facebook) or follow (Twitter) different brands tend to buy, or recommend to others, their products.

What a surprise! Some of you may thought that this is it – here are evidence that social media marketing works and brings in $$$. Folks, wait a minute! By getting more followers you don’t get more satisfied clients – they are the same fans you had before – they just clicked that shiny “follow” button now.
The real value is not the number, but a channel you have to make a “call to action”, to buy your product or use your service. Without that, there is no use of your fans or followers. So the real question is how to speak with them and what your customers want from you, as a brand.

It is logical that your fans tend to buy more your stuff that everybody else, but how to make them love your brand (I don’t man clicking the button), how to make them buy. What are your thoughts on this?