People (Real or Symbolic) Atop NYC Buildings (Real or Symbolic) Nab ASME Best Cover Honors

The American Society of Magazine Editors is not afraid of heights. They’ve just announced their selection of The New Yorker‘s 9/11/2006 tightrope-walker two-parter as the 2007 Cover of the Year while Harper’s Bazaar‘s February 2007 issue, featuring Drew Barrymore in Carolina Herrera on the roof of Rockefeller Center, won for Best Fashion Cover.

It was a shut out for both pregnancy-swollen body part cover finalists, and we’re still cringing at the O at Home cover that ended up winning for Best Service Cover (we get it, it’s about clutter; we just would have preferred a more…uncluttered design approach). This year’s Best Concept Cover? From Time‘s October 16, 2006 issue, an elephant’s ass. What would Henry Luce say? (We can imagine what Clare would say.)

As we predicted, rifle-toting Dick Cheney nabbed Texas Monthly the Best Coverline honor. Of course, we suspect the victory had something to do with voters’ fears that if they didn’t vote for Texas Monthly, Dick Cheney would shoot them in the face.

Want the full scoop on the American Magazine Conference, which runs through tomorrow at the Boca Raton Resort? Check out the dispatches of mediabistro’s intrepid Rebecca Fox over on our sister blog, FishbowlNY. Better she than us, because you know that if we were there, we wouldn’t be able to stop talking about the Resort’s incredible floral designers and the recently-redesigned-by-Thierry Despont lobby. Don’t even get us started on the quirky yet subtle monkey theme…