People Magazine To Cut LA Jobs

Per LA Observed:

Staffers at People’s LA office are being asked to volunteer to be bought out before someone else makes the decision for them. Here’s the letter the aptly named Larry Hackett sent his people at People:

From: Hackett, Larry — People
Sent: Mon Nov 10 09:41:28 2008
Subject: Staff Memo

As part of a broad Time Inc. work force reduction, I regret to announce that People magazine will be making cuts in its editorial staff. We are looking for the volunteers to accept severance packages in the following Guild-covered job classifications:

–up to 6 reporter-researchers
–up to 4 Los Angeles-based staff members from among staff correspondents and writer-editors
–up to 4 New York-based staff members from among staff correspondents, writer-editors and writer-reporters
–up to 3 copy editors
–1 research librarian

We are also looking for a up to two Guild-covered volunteers each in the Art Department and photo department, and one in the News Bureau.