People Editor: Carrying Cats Hip New Trend

This will definitely not make you look crazy.

Crazy cat owners, your time has come. Gone are the days when it was cool to put a rat-sized dog in a  purse. Now, according to senior editor Saryn Chorney, it’s much more hip to walk around with a cat.

“Purse dogs had a good run, but these days cats are the new street-style stars, thanks to celeb kitty owners like Taylor Swift and Kesha,” explained Chorney.

Sure, thanks to them. But to you, too, Chorney. Without wisdom like this, we’d all be unaware that it’s finally socially acceptable to carry a cat around like a furry, annoying sack of potatoes.

This is why we have magazines. For moments like this. God bless America.

(h/t: Allie Jones)