People Don’t Lie On Their LinkedIn Pages (But They Do On Their Resumes??)

According to experts at the Social Recruiting Summit, for a given job candidate, her LinkedIn is going to be more accurate than her resume.

Kris Dunn at Fistful of Talent says this is because people tempted to lie on their resumes won’t lie on LinkedIn, where their peers and colleagues can fact-check them in plain sight. Call it “crowdsourced honesty,” if you will.

But seriously, is this the explanation?

We propose an alternative:

Updating our resume is a LOT of WORK. We have to carefully decide which bullet points to delete or reword in order to make room for the new stuff; we have to ensure the fonts and formatting still looks good, and we have to save it in multiple formats (doc, PDF, sometimes even TXT if we’re feelin’ crazy), and god knows what else.

Updating Linkedin? Takes like two seconds.

That’s our theory and we’re stickin’ to it.

photo: Dyanna