Editor Reveals Herself as Transgendered associate editor Janet Mock was born in the body of a man. But that never felt quite right. By her freshman year in high school in her native Hawaii, she was cross-dressing at school–and being harassed as a “fag” by her classmates. At the age of 18 she flew to Thailand to have gender reassignment surgery: “No more dress-up, no more pretending.”

She tells her story in Marie Claire:

Counting backward as the anesthesia took hold, I surrendered to what I believed with certainty would be a better future. And then, just like that, I was awake again. The sound of Muslim prayers rang through the air, echoing in my brightly lit hospital room. Even though I’d spent the last three hours on the operating table — I could already feel the first tinges of pain in my lower body — I felt completely reborn. Though I had been born a boy to my native Hawaiian mother and African-American father, I would never be a man. It was the birth of my choosing this time. And now it was official: Charles had died so that Janet could live.

Mock is currently working on a memoir. She talks more about life as a transgendered person here.